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A healthy child who feels supported has all the chances in life. But what if this child struggles in school, if the parents have little money, or if the first love turns out to be an unfortunate choice? In this game, you discuss eleven realistic situations in the life of ‘your youngster’. The die determines the scenario in which the young person is situated. Together, you discuss how each of these situations can influence the chances of a young person; how many steps someone will take forward or backward on the path of life. 

'Turning Points' encourages participants to actively engage in altering the odds within the game and also fosters awareness about inequalities of opportunity in the real world. 
This game makes social inequality tangible and contributes to lively conversations.


In the following stores, 'Turning Points' can be viewed and purchased for €12.50,- (shippingcosts not included).

Children's Bookstore Nijmegen, Kannenmarkt 27, Nijmegen
Online at the Children's Bookstore (shippingcosts not included)

HAN Campus Store, Kapittelweg33, Nijmegen


This game is for everyone who wants to delve deeper into equality of opportunity. The game can, with a little help, be played with children from the age of 10. 

Suitable for class, an in-depth meeting, but also as a gift or business gift. 


Number of players

Two to six (more is also possible, but that is a bit more difficult to negotiate). To play it in a larger group, preferably use more games. 


Closed (folded) game board: 22cm*9cm*2cm (l*w*h)

Open game board: 44cm*9cm*1cm  (l*w*h)

Package contents with wrapper

  • Game board
  • Booklet with life events, game variations and tips
  • Wooden pawn and dice


  • Turning Points costs €12.50 (excluding shipping costs) when purchasing one copy.
  • When ordering four pieces or more, you pay €11 per game (excluding shipping costs) .

Delivery time

After payment, an online order will be shipped within a week.